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    Huangshi Hengsheng Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hengsheng Science and Technology) is a joint-stock private enterprise, established in 2007, mainly engaged in the design, manufacture, installation of various complete sets of equipment and the production and coating of various industrial cots. The company has hundreds of employees, industrial land 60,000 +, office buildings, staff dormitories 40,000 +, more than 200 sets of various types of equipment, fixed assets more than 90 million yuan. Equipment design and manufacturing capacity of 8000 + tons per year, COTS production capacity of 200 million cubic centimeters per year. At present, the company's products have covered textile printing and dyeing, printing, papermaking, steel strip, mining machinery and other fields, more than 300 kinds of products, marketing at home and abroad.
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